Why does vegetable oil like glass-ware

In each kitchen you can find not one, but even several bottles with vegetable oil. This product is used daily, we fry on it, season salads with it. Therefore, housewives always love to keep it at hand, next to the stove. But few people thought about how to properly store this plant product so that its useful qualities stay longer.

What is better – glass or plastic?

Plastic containers have become a convenient form of packaging for sunflower oil. It does not deform much, does not break during transportation, the cost of plastic is quite low.

Therefore, when buying vegetable oil in a plastic bottle in a store, not every customer is in a hurry to pour it into other container. But why, then, companies that supply us with elite varieties of olive oil, offer to buy it in glass bottles? Aren’t they used for saving?

In Europe, a glass bottle acts as a traditional container for any vegetable oil. This is due to the general European trend towards a healthy lifestyle and concern for the environment. Glass is neutral with respect to the product, does not react with it and does not emit harmful substances. That is why a glass bottle is the best option for packaging sunflower, olive or other oil, as it retains its quality for a long time..

What should be the bottle?

Only at first glance it seems that the bottles for vegetable oil do not have any features, and the product can be poured into any glass container. Such container has its own characteristics.

Firstly, ultraviolet rays for oil are fatal, so manufacturers pour olive oil into opaque bottles because they do not allow light to pass through. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, the product changes its chemical composition, quickly becomes bitter and loses its characteristic color and taste. That is why the packaging should be made of dark glass.

Secondly, under the influence of air, the shelf life of the oil is quickly reduced. Therefore, it is imperative that the bottles always twist or close tightly with a lid. Often they come in dark glass with a characteristic expanding neck. During the use, air entering the neck makes a characteristic “gurgling” sound.

Buy in the plastic – pour in  glass

But while glass containers are a sign of quality and relatively high prices for the Ukrainian buyer, and oil packaged in this way is mainly used for the foreign market. On the shelves of our stores we can only see glass bottles of expensive luxury products from foreign manufacturers. Ordinary vegetable oil, which is used in large quantities, is still bottled in ordinary plastic containers. During the production, oxygen is not allowed to enter the bottle, thus preserving the safety of the oil. Preserving the beneficial properties of the oil at home after opening the bottle is quite easy, just pour it into a glass container immediately after opening the bottle. And even easier – to buy oil in filpaks, using beautiful glass bottles for convenient use and long storage.